My Art, Your Heart

Buy an Original Painting

Our home and offices is where we spend a lot of our life. The walls and what we put on those walls are a big part of being in that space.  At some point many of us feel we are ready to add a piece or two of original art work but we don’t know where to start. Contact me and I will work with you to find the right original painting that matches your personality and space.

Order a Copy

You can obtain budget-friendly Custom museum-quality prints of my works on Poster, Greeting Cards, or Canvas. I also offer limited edition signed copies that are numbered.   Your prints will be customized to match your needs in terms of size, material, and framing.

Learn to Paint

Painting is a gift that enables you to express your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions at times when words aren’t just enough. Painting is a skill that can be mastered by anyone. Any skill can be learned and practiced, and painting is no exception.  I am happy to take you walk you through this journey and help you develop the artist in you.

Here are the classes I teach:

  • Art 101 – Free Online Lessons
  • Learn How to Paint with Acrylics (For New Artists)
  • Learn How to Paint with Oils  (For New Artists)
  • Creative Painting  (For Advanced and Intermediate Artists)
  • Painting Lessons for Kids

Commercial Services

  • Art Consultation
  • Custom Murals
  • Commissioned Arts

I work with corporate clients as well as Interior Designers to provide a time-saving and comprehensive fine art consulting service.

I meet with you to understand your goals,  corporate image, size and budget requirements. Based on our discussions, I will present a range of solutions for your review.

My consulting services include space decoration, commissioned works, corporate gifts, wall & ceiling murals, furniture decorative painting, as well as art rental for films and special events.

Clients choose and recommend your business based on quality, budget and most importantly ‘experience. I create custom murals on your walls, ceilings, or even furniture based on the story we want to tell and the experience we want to create.

The process includes brainstorming, creating, and fine tuning.

You can generate your own paintings, starting with what’s special to you and your clients. Send me a phoro, colour,  pattern, or  fabric that inspires or sets the tone of your office. Send photos of whatever inspires you!  After discussion with you, I will create an original and stylish piece to really complement your space and business image.

Decorating Services

  •  Colour Consulting & Seasonal Decor

  •  Pre-packaged Room & Theme Décor Gifts

  •  Concept Development for Commercial and Residential

  •  All Space Planning including Kitchens and Bathrooms

  •  Theme Rooms and Corporate Spaces

  •  Decorating Gift Certificates

Your Taste is Unique!

I welcome commission projects. I work with you to create art pieces that complement your décor and taste. Just email me a colour,  pattern, photo or motto that inspires you. My fees depend on the time and techniques required to carry your project. I am happy to work with any reasonable budget.

Please Contact Me to Learn More

Dos and Don’ts

I don’t reproduce works of other artists.
I accept wall painting, furniture painting, and original art painting or reproduction of works that are sold out at your requested dimension
Follow my blog to receive free art lessons and decoration tips
Notice – I mainly provide commercial art consultation.

My Journey

I  grew up in Poland and completed my art education there before moving to Rome, Italy. That is where I furthered my art studies and was exposed to the art of Grandi Maestri of the Italian Renaissance.

In 1991 I moved to Vancouver, Canada where besides painting, I have worked as a furniture designer and decorator for Eko Interiors and Sylvart.

Over the years my paintings have been displayed in various different private and corporate collections all over the world. Some of these countries include Canada, USA, Italy, Poland, Germany and Japan.

Artist Statement

I want to create an art that gives everyone a reason to smile and let them know everything is going to be better than just alright.

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